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Made with fresh local ingredients and packed with nutrients, our juice cleanses are designed to help you reset, recharge, and revitalize. Carefully crafted to support your well-being, we offer a variety of cleanses to help meet your needs!

Gif of the juice appearing and disappearing


Image of all the juices in a one day cleanse

one day detox juice cleanse

CAD$ 70.50 
Recharge with our one-day juice cleanse, ideal for both first-time detox adventurers and those seeking a quick reset, from intermediate to advanced cleansers!
Image of someone grabbing a juice from ther detox juices

two day detox cleanse

CAD$ 141.00 
This cleanse is perfect for those new to detoxing or for intermediate cleansers looking to progress from a one-day cleanse to a more invigorating two-day experience.
Image of the cleanse juices in a box being grabbed

three day detox cleanse

CAD$ 210.00 
This juice cleanse is for the intermediate to advance cleansers who have completed a cleanse before! We always recommend trying a one or two day prior to committing to a full three day cleanse.