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citrus vitality

CAD$ 13.00 
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If only we could send you a taste of this juice through your screen. We are drooling just thinking about the Citrus blend. It truly feels like the best of fruit worlds coming together, with a pinch of ginger to make it extra fresh for you! A little birdy also told us that this is the perfect juice for your weekend mimosa.

Packed with goodies

Made with you in mind, we packed this juice with incredible ingredients so you can be your best self without compromise.

Locally Sourced

Working with our local farms, we only use fresh produce in our juices.

No sugar added

We ditched the artificial sugars and kept it all natural.


How to enjoy

  1. 1. Add to blender
  2. 2. Add your favourite liquid
  3. 3. Blend and enjoy

Pineapple, orange, grapefruit, ginger